I love my job as You love each other.

The story of the wedding videographer.

After finishing school in Ignalina, Lithuania at the age of 18, I went to England to study electronic engineering. During my studies, I noticed that this specialty is probably not for me. I was always inclined towards the field of art. I graduated from music school where I played the accordion and percussion. After graduation, I taught myself to play the guitar and a little piano. I decided to keep music as a way of relaxation. Well, in my sophomore year, I became interested in cameras, films, and photos, and that's how I took my first steps in this profession. 

After returning to Lithuania for the summer after the second year, I did about 50 photo sessions for my friends and acquaintances, thus deepening my knowledge and at that time I realized that this is my true passion.

When the academic year started, I returned to the city of Bristol, but when the covid started, I flew back to Lithuania, where I finished writing my bachelor's thesis and thus finished my studies and obtained an engineering diploma. While writing my thesis, I got a job as a manager of UAB Promaksa. I studied business and life there. I gained invaluable experience in selling drones, cameras, and communicating with customers. After work, I always tried to carry out my activity, which I named - a.k.pictures. These are my photo and video services.

After working for a year at Promaksa, I changed my job. I became an engineer of a mobile television station (OB Van) at Lithuania national Radio and Television (LRT) and in my free time I continued to run a.k.pictures services. For a year and a half, I worked on television with projects such as "Auksinis protas", "1000-mecio vaikai", "Eurovision song contest", various concerts in the Zalgiris Arena. I also went on countless business trips to different cities of Lithuania, where we filmed public holiday events, performances, festivals and broadcasted all of this live. The most memorable evening was when I unexpectedly had to run to work and broadcast a concert dedicated to the support of Ukraine at the Russian Embassy on the day the war started. It was necessary to concentrate myself in a stressful situation and perform the work flawlessly.

Over time, I and my filming skills, knowledge of business, and communication grew. I decided to devote ninety percent of my time to shooting weddings. This is the area where I realize myself the best and the activity, I enjoy with all my heart! I have gathered a team of friends, we provide exceptional services - we show wedding videos on the same evening, and we deliver framed printed photos from the wedding photo session to the bride and groom and their parents before midnight. Well, I will talk about the services in the next section.

I decided to quit my job and fully immerse myself in a.k.pictures. I currently live in Sydney, Australia, and continue to deepen my knowledge about filming by communicating with wedding videographers from all over the world. But don't worry. I will return to Lithuania in June and continue my beloved activity. See you!

Best Regards,